Rinsing issue

This is a 3.5 story house and my jrod reached to the too, but all the dead algae is still there. I couldn’t rinse it off from the ground.

Will this eventually go away?

Probably not under the overhang. You can add a 3’-5’ wand or just shoot from a ladder. A 12’ ladder and you should be able to hit it all.

How’s your current jrod set up? A 6" nipple? Even an 18" wand might smooth out the stream enough to reach it. I use a 6" nipple but have a handful of longer wands for more reach when needed.

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Wash it again. You didn’t get it all. Shouldn’t look like that.


I washed it twice.

How did your j rod soap reach but you couldn’t rinse?

I did rinse, all the way up. It killed the algae but it’s still sitting on the vinyl.

I used a 12" wand BTW, my usual jrod setup.

What percentage you have hitting the wall? Weak SH or diluted too much is my guess.

1-1 12%. It was killed but the dead stuff is still sitting there because it’s so high up.

Shouldn’t matter. If you can hit soap that high you can rinse well enough. I would say you either had weak SH or the ds injector is getting weak. Hit it again with a stronger mix. It still has some color to it so it’s not all gone.


Thank you sir. I will try again.

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Maybe add a little more soap as well to increase cling/dwell. Get it hot enough and on there long enough and should rinse easily

let us know. good learning thread for some.


This is primarily a WC job, the house is 3.5 stories in the back, so I decided to clean it by hand with some Dirtex and my 28’ ladder so I don’t have to drag the hoses and machine out again and get the high windows dirty.

When I had a chance to have a close look at it, everything was black/brown but seemed to need some good toweling off effort. It almost looked like mildew to be honest.

That is not how this works.


I’m confused. Are you saying you attempted to wash the back of the house by hand with a ladder and dirtex?


I’m sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Don’t do that! It will take you ten years! Or you will fall off the ladder reaching.

Would be less time consuming to hit it again with the pw and rinse windows.

What’s happening here…

The lack of vetting real contractors has become apparent lol