Rig layout?

Last post for awhile I promise ha…looking for honest opinions on where to put the washer on my trailer I’m using a 275g tote for water which I’d going over the axles …I’ve seen the washer in the front and also the back what are some pros and cons …I’ve like the accessibility in the back but I think about being rear ended ??? What do you guys do or like

My washer is in the front because both of my hose reels are on the back of the traier for essy access.

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Setting up your trailer is really a very personable thing. Take a step back and figure out what is going to work best for you and your equipment.

Washer: front left- easy access to starter pull cord (I brace my foot against the tongue of the trailer 'cause a 13 hp honda with a 5.5gpm pump is not very easy to turn over)

Hose reels: right rear, facing the curb, but setup so I can pull them in either direction if needed

I couldn’t imagine having to pull start the washer! .:flushed:

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Lol, yeah. I’ll probably be installing a starter kit on it next season.

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