Rig For Sale

Thinking about selling. Not getting out just about through building another one. Very nice rig ready to roll. 25 grand pm for details. Was going to get into washing semi’s not for me so here you go.

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Is this for real 25k
Goodluck btw

It’s a pretty sweet setup. I’d challenge you to put it together for less. Account for labor of course.

I challenge you to purchase it like it is.

I’m not sure what’s on that trailer but I would bet you for 25k I could build you something way nicer than that thing

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What I’m saying is, it’s a nice setup and he probably has 25 in it. Would I buy it for that? Absolutely not, but for someone who can’t weld, plumb, or wire up stuff it may be worth it to them. I have a cold water trailer built with no 12v system that cost me around 15k. You have to admit 25 grand for business equipment is pretty cheap. especially if it’s turnkey ready to work. That’s all I’m saying.

And he’s got an air diaphragm pump with compressor. It is a sweet setup. I wish It had a actual leg tank but whatever. That looks like the only thing he skimped on.

I tell you what if you got 25k I will build it for you pump and all.no problem can you post some pics of the trailer that cost 15k I’m just interested in what you get for that. I got all of 7k in the one I posted and it’s hot water with electric reels

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I agree it’s a clean set up no doubt. Nice and organized. Looks like nice equipment.
My only point is it may cost over that to put together.
But being used…it is not worth that now. In my opinion only.


Its not going to sale for 25. We all probably know that. It is a nice rig though.

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Oh yeah I’m sure it will get the job done if you have no skills might be worth it I guess

Never figured I would get 25 out of it was figuring around 20. Skid don’t have but around 350 hrs on it buddy of mine bought the one that was on it before. Would be worth 20 if someone had the work would pay for itself in no time. Ground force with new bar,extra 8.5 gpm gp pump,and new 4 gpm gp pump. Extra hose reel with 200 ft of hose. Plumbed for a cold water machine with 13 gallon aluminum fuel tank installed and battery.

But in the end you may not be able to sell it on here but I bet you will get it. I would put that thing on craigslist I bet someone will pay 25 for it

I would say that would sell for around 15. Brand new is one thing, used equipment is a whole other ball game.

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Oh no some new guy that has no idea what he is looking will fall in love with that thing. Happens all the time