Ridiculous over bid

Washed a couple houses today.
On one of them, I got to talking with the client, and she told me someone bid almost 4x as much as I did.
This house took me an hour and a half to wash, and I actually overbid it so ended up coming out really well, and my prices are in line with most everyone else’s around here.
What the hell were these other guys thinking??
No way I could imagine charging what they charged for a less than 2 hour job, unless I was performing open heart surgery.

Had the same thing happen last year. An average 2000sf house that took me an hour was bid at $890 by another person. That person told the customer it would take him 8 hours with 3 guys (24 man hours) and lots of extension ladders and some scaffolding.

The funny thing is, the customer didn’t know anything about the proper way to wash a home and almost made a huge mistake. He told me, that he and his wife almost wrote me off because my price was so much lower, that he thought I might be a hack. That was a good lesson for the customer and myself.

That guy is having the same conversation as you are.

“What the heck is the matter with people that give their work away”?

So what is the absolute upper limit that someone should have the nerve to request for 120 minutes of work?

I’d like to take a crack at that. Get what you think you deserve. Kevin Dubinsky(can’t spell) $600/hr book is based on that. People get lost in #'s in this Industry. There is no reason you can’t make more then a Heart Surgeon. The odds are you won’t…but you can. If one day for example you have 15 employees working for you how much an hour do you think you can make? This isn’t man hours, but how much an hour “you” will make.

The closest I came to getting the best numbers in my business is doing some parking garages where I approached the $500/hr range. Was I worth that? Yes just like Kevin D says in the $600/hr book. Don’t let people dictate how much an hour you make, that is your job to do that so you can get what you truly deserve.

Go back to the thread starter here. Let’s say he had 10 guys doing 10 houses in the same speed he did that one. Now he’s making at least $700/hr after taxes maybe more and he’s not even there.

So the real question is how much an hour do you think you can get in comparable to the size of your company?

Understood and completely agree, but with his price, He was looking at about $300 an hour per man hour (thats if he cleans as fast as me)
I know noobies around here (hell, I’m one myself), and I know veterans.
I’ve never met anyone around here aiming for $300 per man hour on residential work.
Now the speed I cleaned was using a 4 gpm machine so of course as I grow and upgrade, so will my money per hour.
I would love to get up to heart surgeon wages, but I really don’t see myself getting $300 per man hour washing a small home.
On another note, I had a decent size office park I cleaned last year.
Had a few guys out there with me and I was averaging about $350 an hour.
Now I just need to get set up doing that 50 weeks a year :wink:

I get what your saying Tiger. Just about anyone I know would be hard pressed to be able to get $300hr per man hr. Every now and then we all get those jobs that we may have got $300-$400hr job because the job went so much better then expected. It does come down to how much you think you can get per hour and this is not based on per man hour but what your hour is worth.

But your right, there are very few if any 1 man operators making consistently $300hr or even $200hr for an 8hr day. The only way to get that for yourself is if you have a crew.

hello jason
i saw you mentioned the house needing extension ladders and scaffolding…question…if you are liberty to say what kind of work needed to be done and was there a need for the same equipment the other guy quoted…

This was a basic house wash for around here (cleaning the siding, exterior of gutters, fascia, etc.) There was no need for any ladders for this job. Everything was cleaned from the ground with a 5 gpm machine and using Bob’s (PTState) JROD and down stream nozzles.

yep, bob’s nozzles are beast!
I’ve only had to use a ladder a handful of times.
I saw one local gun with pics of him on a man lift all in someones yard washing a house I wouldn’t even need to leave the ground for.
Go figure.

If all you are selling is a house wash, than yes, you will never make good money.

If you are worried about what the other guys are charging, than you are in trouble.

If you dont charge “X” per hour, you will never earn “X” per hour!!

Are you paying a heart surgeon to spend time in your chest you fix your heart?

Think about those things and give me a call

Right on Tim

thank you jason