Reviews For Your Business


Hey, I’m beta testing a service that checks for reviews you didn’t know you had. Looking to find a few businesses that will let me experiment with this. I won’t charge anything to run it and I’ll share the results with you!


I’m totally down. Niagara Pressure Washing.


What is the service?


I am possibly interested!


@Dogby92 @beallcameron I’ll have your free report by tomorrow :slight_smile: @spacecoastpw It’s called reviewpro, which is exclusive to agencies, but other softwares exist such as birdeye


Do things like this happen often?


@Dogby92 What do you mean?


Things like reviews not showing up. Maybe I’m not understanding correctly.


Ahh I understand Michael. What it does is just looks for reviews on platforms you might’ve not known you existed on. It important to see how your reputation is doing no matter where you are :wink: