ResponsiBid- New membership benefit for PWRA!

Curt Kempton [MENTION=429]5star[/MENTION] is giving members a major hookup!
Thanks, Curt!

Before Huntsville I really didn’t see how ResponsiBid would work with power washing or window cleaning. This new incarnation has my mind reeling with possibilities!

It is my pleasure, Thad! I hope it helps a lot of Pressure Washers to streamline their businesses. With the hookup pricing for PWRA users, it’s a no-brainer now!


thats funny, yesterday I was told this is free to members and I planned on looking into it today. Guess my source was a little off base. No big deal.

Do you have a demo we can set up to our specs?

The basic version is free to PWRA members. You could demo it fully by signing up and customizing it to your company, or you could try the demo one as it is setup on the ResponsiBid website. Does that make sense?

Very cool Kurt. My head spins with all the stuff out there. Do you plan on doing NOLA again? I hope so this way the new majority owner of can absorb this all in because she’s the boss with everything but the actual grunt work… Actually she’s probably the boss of that as well:D

Ha ha! I already have my tickets to NOLA and I’m so excited to be there. What’s her name? I’ll keep a look out :slight_smile:

You won’t have any trouble spotting Kathy.
She’s the pretty lady that John follows around.

Gotcha. :slight_smile:

By the way… I wanted to share a video to help show how to use the new automatic followup feature because people have been asking. It’s pretty slick!
[video=youtube_share;QbvyLJ9QeqY]- YouTube
Hope that helps!

will do, thanks