Residential to Commercial Need advice

Hey Forum! been learning a ton form here already and i thought id reach out and get some advice.
Please forgive my ignorance that may show, im here to learn and gain from those willing to offer advice.

My wife and i have a cleaning company and we are looking into going into the world of windows and pressure washing. Now i know they are 2 separate beasts but i am really wanting so advice on the pressure washing side.

im looking to do residential (driveways, houses fences etc) but also have some leads for commercial in the way of fleet washing and businesses like banks and gas stations.
Ive been looking at hot water systems and preferably something that’s ready out the box like a skid or a trailer ( yes ive looked st building one myself but the wife doesnt want that, she wants a warranty ready rig and with our busy schedule as is, i see where she is coming from).

What would you veterans recommend that would be able to cove my bases?
im looking for belt driven and any recommendations on GPM and PSI as well as hot vs cold.

Me budget is about $7500 said and done.

Once again great to be here and i appreciate everyones help.

I do residential window cleaning if you have any questions on that end.

The few pieces of advice I can give you is:

-build your setup or have a reputable/trusted local vendor build it who won’t put sub par parts on your machine to save a few bucks.

-Hot vs cold is covered pretty well on other threads.

-Don’t get a washer with less than 5.5 gpm and less than 3000 psi.

I have a cold water 8 gpm 3000 psi unit and love it. For me hot water would be nice about 2% of the time. I also have no interest in fleet washing or dumpster pad cleaning. The only commercial work I do is wash duplexes/condos/townhomes for a property management company. There is plenty of money to be made washing residential. At least in NC there is.

thanks for the info.
As far as reputable rig builders go, ive focused my attention on pressure-tek, power jet, pressure pro and a handful of simpson rigs… seems no point in looking into northstar.

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Where are you located? Looking to put the set up in a truck? Trailer? Van?

Nvm. Just saw you said trailer. I’ll always vote build it yourself, but I wouldn’t be any help on fleets or hot water flat work

I was talking locally. I’m lucky though I bought my washer from MVP in Raleigh NC and they make a pretty dope unit. Honda engine, Udor pump, green spring unloader on a block. I took about 6 months and researched and figured out exactly what I wanted/ needed. Even still I bought the wrong washer first just to save a few bucks.

Here is my advice on buying a pre-built setup from MOST vendors…just don’t. Dollar for dollar, you will get a lot more equipment if you build your own. You will also know how everything is put together and how to fix/replace things when they inevitably break/wear out. Having to rely on a shop for every small repair job will cost you money in the long run and most don’t know much more than you do. Also, most vendors will use subpar parts to squeeze extra profit out of the deal so that “warranty” that your wife is concerned about will be for naught.

Then again, I am sure there are plenty of folks who have bought those setups and like them just fine. Not for me. May be for you, though.

Either way, welcome and good luck!

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I see, I do know where you are coming from and to be honest i agree with you. I’ve always been a DIY minded guy but with this I dont have the time to buy and then piece it all together.
I was looking at the base skids from pressure pro (burner, pump, motor, fuel tanks all hooked up ) and adding the buffer tank reels, trailer myself.

That’s the way to do it. Get all of your big ticket items and then start putting it all together. That way you have an intimate knowledge of how everything goes together. You can do it all in a weekend if you have your stuff together. I hope you live near a Lowe’s or Home Depot. You’re going to make at least 10 trips by the time it’s all done!


$ 7500 buget for the pw machine ,or the whole build?

Will have a hard time getting a hot water unit within that $7,500 budget.

I know it’s not a Landa or alike. But it’ll get all his avenues covered.

That’ll leave him ~$1,000 to get everything else he needs. It could be done if he already has a trailer and a tank.

That is one of the units I am looking at. Preferably around 7500 for a work ready rig.