Residential home buffer tank setup

Hi, I am new here and trying to learn a bit more about buffer tanks and setting one up.
I will be using this in a farm setting so the buffer tank can be mounted in a shop. I know the water flow is a bit over 3 GPM from the shop spigots and I would like to use a 4gpm machine. The machine is a belt drive so it is my understanding I can pull water from the tank. We are thinking of using a 55 gallon plastic drum and elevate it about 20" off the floor. I would like to have a 15’ hose from the tank to the pressure washer (is this too far).
We have a water line a foot from where the tank would be so it would be easy to put a quick attach on the top of the drum ( and a float valve) but I am a little lost on how do I prime the pump and the lines, would the tank have enough pressure? I could easily add a small pump (120 elec. is nearby) but would rather skip the pump if not needed?
Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be a BIG help.

I have a belt drive machine as well and pull from a tank, I have had no issues with the set up. Tank is on the same level as the machine, no need to elevate the tank or add a pump. Your machine will pull the water from the tank without a proplem

Thanks! What length of hose is “safe” to us from the tank to the pressure washer and is there a certain kind of hose to use? I would like to have the tank about 15’ away from the pressure washer if possible.
Thank you

If possible, use PVC pipe (1" minimum) from the tank to as close to the machine as possible, then 3/4" hose from there.

Thanks! Will it be too much for the machine to pull water from a 10’ 3/4 hose? They way it is going to be located (on wheels) having hard piping maybe a problem. Thank you

If i reading this correctly you will only be using the machine on your farm and wont be moving it much.
Why not try to run the machine straight off the spigot. Confirm the gpm of the spigot by getting a 5 gal bucket and timing how long it takes to fill it up. In my area most house’s run about 5 gpm.

If the gpm is too low and you have to run a buffer, keep the washer as close as possible to the buffer tank. Just get a longer length of pressure hose to reach the area of cleaning.

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I won’t be moving it much but from time to time it will be moved between buildings. The main problem I am facing is we are in rural WV and and our public water service is not the best. I have about 3.5 GPM if I am lucky so the spigot is not really giving me enough flow for the 4 GPM machine.
The reason I was looking at using a 10 hose to the buffer tank was because it would allow the pressure washer to be far enough away for the exhaust to not blow back into occupied structures. We also have mainly gravel for parking pads/driveway so having a tank on wheels does not work the best (really had to move in soft gravel lots).
Anyway, thank you for the help and sorry for the long answer but figured it may help explain why I was looking to use a 10’ hose a bit better.