Repeat Clients Resedential

How often would you say you service you residential clients?

Whats the average?


Every couple of years?

In which service Chris?

We have some three year house wash clients but our regular repeat customers are more typically on a two year rotation.

Some people understand the importance of maintenance and prefer to keep it clean instead of letting their place get nasty before washing it.

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House washing, whatever really… And pressure or SoftWashing related service.

We have yearly customers and 2 year service customers, but most are new customers. Population of our service area is mainly military, so they’re in & out quite a bit.

Im in about the same market as Guy with the same type business model with some yearly/bi yearly but bulk comes from new customers.

We typically clean gutters twice a year on damn near every other pressure washing job we do. Depends on the customer for pressure washing services though, some like it done every year others every three or four years…

Yearly-2 years. It really depends on the person, we find ourselves doing a lot more new residential.

Steven Leipzig
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Nashville, TN