Repairing used washer

I picked this up for $250.

TS1511 4gpm/3500 pump, GX390. Previous owner didn’t want to fool with it, stated it leaks gas. Water spits out of the pump when handle is pulled and feels like machine has compression.

Bottom of tank has surface rust. Before I start investigating, what process do you veteran guys go through to revive these? I’ll probably replace the carb at a minimum.

Have I taught you nothing lol? Get rid of that thing.


Clean or replace the tank. Remove, clean and rebuild carb IF it gives you trouble. Expect to have to adjust valves. New plug, fresh get 'er done 91 and she’ll probably run like a top. Oh, and go ahead and pick up a new pull string assembly. Always good to have a spare. I went through this exact same thing when I built my backup 5.5 last year.

Well, since you own it already & assuming you need something to tinker with this winter… adjust the valves, drain the fuel, drain the oil, buy the kit linked below, install whatever parts you see fit. Add oil, fresh fuel, pull the rope & see what it will do. Looks like it’s been sitting outside just looking at that rusty muffler. At least you don’t have to worry about that 250 burning a hole in your pocket.


Years ago I bought an ‘87 Honda CRX on eBay. My wife, girlfriend at the time, and I drove from South Carolina up to Maryland to pick it up and drive it back. I bought it with about half of a tank of fuel in it and with the car getting about 40 mpg’s I wasn’t too concerned and headed south. Upon my first fuel fill up I soon discovered I had a rusting away fuel tank as the fuel being added from the pump stirred up a ton of rust on the bottom of the tank which led to clogged fuel filters, fuel pickup sock, etc. After limping it back home to SC I did quite a bit of research and was led to remove the fuel tank and then take it to a local radiator shop that has some sort of acid (?) bath that they submerge it in to. Then they coated the inside with something that prohibited rust. It was significantly cheaper and quicker than trying to locate a decent used fuel tank for a 20+ year old car. Slapped the tank back on the car, replaced some fuel injectors (as this was the fuel injected model making a whopping 121 HP) and she ran great after that.

Oh I fully intend to…after it’s fixed.

Great find! That thing will purr like a kitten with minimal effort. Looks like a newer machine by the fuel cap and pull cord cover. The leaking fuel is probably the carb. You coukd probably repair but replacement is a cheap option also. I bet they pulled the machine off the truck to wash and sh mist got on it and thats what the rust is. Youll be able to resell that in the spring for a healthy profit

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unless the carb was abused or cleaned by a brute, it should be simple fix. after you drain oil. once you see if it starts, should you get to that point, and once you empty the oil in it, see if the low oil sensor works by simply trying to start it. just add some chain to the tank and shake it up to remove scale. empty it and you could coat it with some POR.

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Ah yes, i’m familiar with that having wrenched on motorcycles for a few years.

Here’s what came out of the carb bowl.


no biggie, youll need a skinny flathead screedriver to get the main jet out, soak it good with liquid wrench after spraying it out witj carb cleaner, before attempting to remove it.

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Man, this thing was neglected. Oil had never been changed that I can tell, belts were super loose, hole in the muffler, valves a bit loose. Project!

upgrade the pull cord and handle. it helps a bunch when your buyer pull on a smooth new cord and handle. I use this one.

Funny you mention that, the pull cord was not retracting all the way so when I took it off to rewrap the cord I discovered a shot of lube brought it back to life.

Have you tried cranking it over upside down with the wheels up in the air?


What? Lol

It’s how we run everything in NZ. Everything’s upside down for us


Got the muffler and tank in today. Cleaned the bowl and jet out, she’s getting fuel.

It was 11 at night but wanted to see if it ran, fired right up. I’ll hook it up to water tomorrow.


I have 3 machines 4gpm and 5.5 gpm in different states of dispare. I was going to sell all of them for $300. Man I’m gonna sell them for $400 each now. Mine are way better than that beast. Lol.

These are $1800 new due to inflation, I plan to start at $1200 in the spring. You may want to rethink that $400 each figure.

And she’s alive!

Had to dig through my old nozzles for a 25045 for this machine.