Rental power washer

I have a 3.5 GPM 4000 psi with GX390/CAT pump, I purchased and only used twice. I no longer need it, and I don’t think I’ll make much from selling it, so my thought is to try offering it as a rental come springtime. That way I can capitalize on the DIY types.
My first concern is that since it’s direct drive, someone will burn it up by leaving it run for a long time without squeezing the trigger.
My other concern is will I need to change my insurance to cover the actions of the person renting it? Like if they injure themselves with it somehow.
Are there other things to take into consideration?

This isn’t likely a good idea, unless you are renting lots of units you aren’t going to make much, and you might have some serious liability if someone gets hurt with "billy Bob’s rental company " equipment.
Pop it up on Craig’s list in the spring and sell it.


My 4/4 unit sold pretty darn quick on Marketplace.

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