Removing paint from tile

Anyone know a good method to remove paint from a ceramic tile floor. Hot water and high pressure?

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If you go too high you can very easily pop the grout of its channel. Ceramic is a very hardy tile, I would go with a chemical treatment

Tim is The Man on this stuff. Listen to him!

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Ok. What kind of chemical? A paint stripper or acidic base? These floors are inside nursing home restrooms with no drains and little ventilation.

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What type of paint is it? Is it just over sprayed wall paint? I used to refinish bathtubs and ceramic tile. I stayed away from floors for the most part but some companies did do it. If it’s refinished tile I can give you some pointers.

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West! Sorry man, I forgot all about you. I’m just assuming its latex, being the most common indoor paint. Acid probably wont touch it. You want a solvent of some sort. You could give goof off a shot, denatured alcohol works good, oms works sometimes too.

Alcohol is my favorite, put some in a spray bottle and spot treat (you might need a little dwell time), hit it with a stiff nylon brush, then wipe up with a towel while its still wet. Get yourself some knee pads. Also get a few extra spray bottle tops, they dont hold up to solvents too well. Ceramic should hold up perfectly fine to just about anything but just to be sure do a test in the corner of the room or behind a toilet

Things to remember about solvents is that they are volatile and flammable. If you have enough vapor in a room, the spark from switching the light on can ignite it, so can a fan that you set up for ventilation, and never try to vacuum up a solvent (there are only a few machines to my knowledge rated for solvent recovery). Wear gloves and wear a respirator if you need to.