Remove the factory internals on soap injector

Hello Everyone.

I have a simple question that I have searched for, cannot find the answer

On a factory style soap injector pump (that is bolted on the exit side of pump) can I remove the internals?
spring and check valve is what I am referring to.

What I did find is that one poster mentioned this to increase flow out of the machine, but it wasnt clear to me. I have a machine that I am trying to repair, and want to try this.

Thanks in advance for replies.

Sure, you can take out the guts. Not sure how that is going to help you repair your machine though.

Thanks Innocent. I read a lot of your posts

Yeah, its not…but its got a ripped oring that i dont have and some crap got in that area from broken springs from the valves. not worth putting money in for me. got it running, and I got 1 hour playing with the pump. broken plastic valves…and missing springs…got it to make 3800 psi, then another plastic valve cracked. super glue held on other one…not worth spending money on this AAA pump.

its a cheap 50 buck honda gx270 with a AAA pump that i am playing with. I was wondering about removing the soap injector internals…never use the factory ones anyhow…and less restriction a Bonus…right?