Remove black stains from brick?


Unless you have a 12v or an aodd, throw your mix in a pump-up, grab a ladder, and spray away. Just be sure to stay above your spray area, wear proper ppe and keep an eye out for pedestrians.


To me that’s a lot of area to cover with a pump. This would be a perfect time to use the x-jetting. $120 well spent! :+1:


How old is your SH?


Heck, if he or anyone else wants an adjustable M5xjet, First $80 to my Paypal has it. Been used ONE time for spraying some EBC couple of years ago. For smaller machines 3-5 gpm. Have all the inserts for it too I believe.


I’ll let one of the youngsters have a shot at it first, but if no takers I’ll be your Huckleberry


If I didn’t already have one I would jump on that. Great price.


I’m tired of it taking up space in my toolbox.


I’ll take it!


I’ll take it if John changes his mind.


Sorry guys, Grizz was on it last nite right after I posted. If he changes his mind, will let you know.


2 gallon pump sprayer and a fan tip. Just have to mist the black streaks, not the whole wall. It’d probably take 10-15 mins max and $15 for a HD bleach pump sprayer.