Remote downstream for sale

New. No need to connect to your 12v softwash battery. Comes with 12v battery. Inbox me if your interested

Wireless battery? Need to ditch the wire nuts, put in 3 way back valve. Everyone is trying to copy Ollie but aren’t there yet. Wireless battery?

Some 90s on those hose barbs would be a nice

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The straight barbs work for my setup. With my entire pressure washing/ softwash rig, I don’t have anything that is 90 degrees. I don’t like to have any restrictions.

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Not trying to copy anyone. Just made this to stop batch mixing, but I think I will eliminate the wire nut and add a shrink wrap connector. Didn’t mean to say wireless, oops

I prefer this valve myself, along with an external strobe so I can see it from a distance.

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Banjo valve are hard to find. Many manufacturers are out of stock and on back order. I’ve been waiting for months. I just gave up. That’s definitely a better valve but the one I have works well