Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


Running off 12v?


Yes sir.


if this thing has a by- pass function I will take one, let me know

dave mac


I am offering a version with bypass. Same size box just a different valve and an extra line coming put that can go to a bucket of fresh water or do what I did and plumb it into the water tank.


I am in how do I move forward


Send me a pm with email address, full name, and a shipping addresses. Also specify that you want the 3 way valve.


so the three way valve doesnt actully effect the flow of the water, as much as it

  1. soap
  2. off
  3. water still going through the injector though?

I was looking for something that by passes the injector all together when rinsing, does yours do that??


No sir. When you turn my 3 way system off it sends water to the injector.


For that you would need a high pressure motorized ball valve. I’ve yet to find a viable option.


I could design that lol no time right now though.


Thanks I misunderstood originally, still a great sytem and worth the price as it has quality all over it. I may get it down the road to have, but I wash with a 10gpm and use 3-5 injectors I would loose far to much flow for my liking.

But it definatley be a great tool to have for some situations whear I am far from the rig.

can I get you to make one with a BY pass :slight_smile: of the injector??

I have used several remotes and this looks to be the best one so far, what solonoid do you use


Don’t need a solenoid with my ball valve. It doesn’t consume energy like a solenoid valve would. Less moving parts to fail.


that is so good to here, because that was one thing I hated about remotes is the solnoid always went bad fairly often


Nope. My valve has an indicator wire that uses low voltage. Once the remote sends a signal to the indicator wire it activates. Once it’s on the indicator wire consumes next to no voltage. This saves batteries as well and remote modules.

It’s patent pending. Should be a game changer in our field of work. Limiting sales until we’re out of pending status. We’re still protected as of now for copyright. But I will only sell to a few folks just so when everything is done I have quality guys backing them.


Can this be plugged/wired onto the hitch power connector?
The 4 ping one?


I wouldn’t rely on it. But I guess you could if you wanted too. Why would you need to do this?


So i dont have to purchase a 12v battery


Don’t you have a battery on your rig for starting machines or starting the pressure washer?


Yes… just an idea, though it might be easier


Oh ok.