Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


Reunited, and it feels so good! Got this thing installed today! 5 big jobs Monday then I should have time and parts to get boxes built. Hopefully all the parts roll in soon!


Looks good mounted on there!!!


6 houses 3 detached garages and 2 sidewalks.

By myself since 9:30 am $1,350 in work. Once the machine was running I never returned to the truck once.

I love this box!

@Racer I’ll call ya back in a bit. Just getting home.


Ask Grizz and I how many times we had to walk back to truck today because I didn’t have my unit.


I wouldnt mind much if my boots wasnt full of water and the rain wasn’t coming at me sideways.


I don’t know, who do you guys think look wetter? My plastic rain jacket was literally soaking thru and pants almost falling off while @Grizz looks like he stepped out of GQ, LOL


I wish I would have known you guys needed something like this lol You all should see my fleet wash rigs soap set ups. Simply by releasing the trigger gun and pulling it back on gets me in and out of soap. A bit more complicated but no remote


How does that work?


Would be a pain! If you were behind the house and let off the trigger for any reason it would switch. Good for something I guess.


If you got off the trigger accidentally you would know when you do this and you just repeat the event. It’s not that hard to figure out. I rarely use my two signal lights to tell me what mode I’m in other than on intial start up.


The pumps vacuum is used to control a NC solenoid valve


Electric ball valves for days! Just waiting on some 90 degree fitting to drop ship. I’ll get everybody invoices out tonight.


Everyone that officially requested a box by private message. If you sent me a request for purchase and I didn’t reply or send you an invoice please send me a pm.

If we had talked about you possibly wanting one but I didn’t get a definitive answer I will need to know. I have all my vendors in place for future orderes.


I also wanted to tell everyone something interesting!

I spoke to the actual engineer today of the valve company. I told him exactly what it’s being used for and he said it will hold up very well. He said even if you were pulling straight 12.5% that it wouldn’t break it down. Apparently the stem has 3 gaskets and is the strong point.

He also said that them being mounted in a box would greatly increase its lifespan. He went on to brag about the reliability and that they are installed on $400,000 farm implements and have to work.

They have also designed the motor actuators to be universal. So if you ever have a problem and need a new motor right away you can purchase them at an ag dealer. The motor pulls off in 3 seconds by pulling a pin.

Very happy with the conversation today!


What did you settle on for a final price for the 2 way? I’ll pick one up from you at some point.


$375 and $19 shipping. Just let me know!


Were you able to test two of them together on different frequencies?


Not yet. I’ll do that for you possibly tomorrow.


@pressureguy they do not interfere with one another. I tried 3 remotes with 1 unit on. Only the remote programmed to the box can switch it.


Finished product.