Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


What am I missing here? I use jrod with 2 soap 2 rinse tips. I never have to go back and pull the stick. I never have to go to the truck period unless my chem bucket runs empty.

Why do you guys need this?
I just want to learn. I only do house washes. Is this for bigger operations?
Do you guys not use Soap/Rinse tips?

I know there is a reason and I usually try and figure it out but this one I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Thanks in advance.


Most of us soft wash. If you are using high pressure tips to stop soap you are using to much pressure for vinyl and painted siding


What ibs said here ^

If you are using a j rod with a tip that creates enough back pressure to stop soap you are using too high of pressure.


That is how I do it. Granted I stand back some so not to hit siding with much pressure.

What do you guys use for tips then?
How do you get any reach?


I strictly use an m5 twist. I can shoot 2-3 stories with it. I ordered a jrod and I’ll try it out here in a few days. How many gpm you running?


Honda gsx390 w/4.5gpm pump.(self built)(didn’t want a buffer tank)(or I’d went 5.5gpm) 3 hose reels. roof pump kit. Surface cleaner. Pickup truck. That’s it. I’ve thought about building a small trailer but the truth is 75% of the places I don’t know where I’d park with it. And the small trailers aren’t back up friendly in tight places. Truck is so full I have thought about buying a hitch cargo rack and mounting the washer only to it.

I’ve looked at the m5 and I really like it. Only reason I haven’t gotten one is because of the injection part. Now I’m starting to understand you guys process!

Damn now I need an M5 and one of those remote boxes lol

Naw not right at the moment but will def think about it. I do like that nozzle tho.

Thanks for the reply Ive been wondering about that forever and didn’t want to ask. All I kept thinking was why the heck do those guys keep going back to the truck and pulling there chem stick? Now I get it.

Im not a big operation. I do this 3-4 days a week and work a full time job. I enjoy this the way it is. No pressure. Well not like it would be if I had to depend on it solely. I have a blast doing this. I really like it. I take my bro in law with me. Pay him $25/hr. He’s a workaholic so he does all the work lol. No but he is a hustler. Its helped me financially. Ive already built a name for myself locally and can get all the work I need.

I want to say I have you guys to thank over and over. I’ve learned the whole business thru you guys and some YouTube videos.


I still use the j rod too… don’t have any problems with two much pressure just have to stand back… now that’s on my 5.5 gpm 2500 psi machine… I have a 8gpm 3500 psi that I am about to use maybe it will be different but I never have to go back and fourth to the trailer to switch soap on and off

does this machine eliminate house wash mix? Or do you still need to batch mix ?


I don’t understand how I’m getting more flow the 3way. With both systems you will have flow going through the injector at all times wether it’s water or bleach. Where is the additional flow coming on the 3way?

The remote system I made myself was flawed because when off, it cut out all flow through the injector. I noticed the reduction in a big way with an undersized injector which is why I’m back to the manual 3way and walking.

Am I losing flow with your 2 way remote system as I was before ? I feel like I’m missing something here. I want all gpm possible.


You want the 3 way then. Yes the 2 way just stops the soap and will restrict flow. Some folks don’t care too much about that or even notice it. I noticed it in a previous build and wanted the 3 way.

I personally am going to run the 3 way. But everyone should have a choice. It’s not a huge price difference.


Running thru the injector if it’s shut off at box with your 8gpm machine affects your flow about 1 gpm. So like on mine I’ve got 7.7 versus 8.7. If you need the extra gpm then go with the 3 way one. On smaller machines doesn’t effect nearly as much. Your injector will effect how much too. But test yours and see. I’ve just gotten use to the Southside one and use to it. But I can tell some difference if I switch to my injector bypass. But even pulling water thru your injector you’re not going to get it all back. Take a cup and see how much water you draw out of it in a min. Mine is like 30oz/min. So that’s all you’re going to get out of the 3 way.


Spot on. This is why I remove my injector completely for surface Cleaning. It surprises me how much that little difference is and that I can tell. I do notice it so anything I can do to mitigate it I’ll do. The price difference is justifiable to me. @SchertzServicesLLC sign me up for a 3way as soon as you can. I can send you the money now or later. I definitely want it.


I’ve considered not using an undersized injector but I like my stronger mix.


Shoot me a message with

Full name
Business name
Shipping address
Email address
Phone number
And 3 or 2 way system.

I will send you an invoice by email that can be paid by cc or dc

I am guessing flat rate shipping should be less than 20 about anywhere in the lower 48

I have about 4 confirmed purchases so I’ll put in an order for parts in the morning. Should have less than a week turnaround.


I would still do the test so you’ll know, will take less than 2 min. Just drop your injector in a big measuring cup or pitcher and see. Make sure it’s pulling and then take your measurement of how much it pulls in a min… While you’re at it, measure your flow from your pw in a bucket for 30 seconds and double it. Then between the 2 measurements of your ds injector and your gpm with the injector involved, you’ll know your exact ratio.

Use whatever nozzle you usually apply your soap with at the end of your standard amount of hose you usually use when doing measurements. Make it realistic.




I was doing this same thing. Using all 4 nozzles on my jrod. However, I had the same basic conversation with @Innocentbystander not long ago and after some consideration I ordered a 3 way poly valve and have since started rinsing with my soap nozzles. I will say, I like it way better. It does add a little to the job with having to walk back and forth to the trailer, but I have found that it rinses a lot better using the soap nozzle to rinse with. I still use the rinse nozzles to hit some brick or concrete areas, but now rinse everything else with the soap nozzles. Give it a try and I think you will find you like it better. IMO anyway.


Ok, I follow you on flushing the 3way since you will have SH sitting right there at the valve, but what other valve are you turning at the box to flush? I am using a poly 3way now, but that is the only valve I have. I don’t think the SH is going to affect the poly valve and even if it does, its like $20. All mine is plumbed and no drop tubes. But what or where are you adding another valve to flush the ball valve? I’m not following you on this one.


It has a poly valve in the box just like you use now. You turn it and it flushes.


Do you think having that SH sitting there will be an issue? I like having everything flushed while rinsing and not having to add that extra step. I like where you are going though and hopefully I will be interested in one in the near future.


I think for as much as the valves cost it would be wise to not test the limits.