Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


Wife got some but not me. Even when i threw my line beside hers :joy::joy:


@Racer @Grizz @Sharpe @Skip @Ikii she’s ready for testing!


Looking good.


but I could live with a cheaper solenoid and waive the warranty.


I don’t think I can compete with the price of the Johnson box if I use lessor parts. If I got it down to $300 a box with cheap stuff you would be better off with his. I will look into a parts list and see what I come up with.


No need to compete against him.
I wouldnt buy it from him


Quick question: why brass barbs instead of plastic?


Because that’s what the hardware store had in a pinch lol! I was waiting for someone to point it out! I’ll order plastic for the sold units and replace mine.


It works! 150 foot away through the house and shop.


I could really use that remote right about now lol.


First one left my hands today! Waiting on a review :slight_smile:


As a “one man show” I am definitely interested! Just so I am clear…this unit pulls one mix then water when in the “off” position? It would be badass to be able to switch from roof mix to house mix when you’re on the backside of a job.


So you actually could if you wanted to. But you would not have a rinse setting. I can build a custom deal for that, but they get expensive.

I am working on building a cheaper version that just cuts the soap off when you hit a button but does not flush water. It would just need flushed at the end of the job. Will have full specs and prices done in the next couple weeks.


Ok guys, Chris sent his box down the end of last week and I’ve gotten to use. So first the cons on the prototype -

It was huge, with a lot of extra space inside. So after talking with him I suggested some changes which will help make it substantially smaller, more user friendly as well as eliminate some potential problems by not having any internal hoses. I think his new one will have the intakes and outputs plumbed directly thru the box thus eliminating all the internal hoses as well as saving a lot of space and some fittings.

I personally only wanted a 2 way valve, just on or off on the intake w/o the water default running through it every time I switched it off and would just continue to rinse at end of job as I do now by dropping my injector into bucket of water. I’m a kiss kind of guy. The advantage of that is it functions like my current unit, it’s a smaller and cheaper unit by $40 or so, plus less fittings.

So I think the end result is that he’s going to end up with 2 versions same as Southside has.

Now the pros - Great materials, I feel a lot more confident in the electronic banjo than I do the unit I have now. Much more robust and it works like a charm. I love the 2 channel remote and I love the lights. You’ll be able to see this unit is on if ever a question. He did a great job on the installation and layout in the box. The entire unit is just a whole lot more robust including the wiring, the quality of materials just a lot better from the internals to the box itself. It works great. Now it’s just a matter of getting external size down.

If you’re wanting one, he should have the 2 way valve one finished by first of week and probably the revised 3 way done soon after. So if you can sit tight a few more weeks I think you’ll be happy you did.

I’m sure he’ll keep you updated with pics and more. @SchertzServicesLLC, please correct me if I got anything wrong here.


I was happy to send it for a real world testing with an unbiased opinion. Everyone here knows you are a straight shooter and would not steer them wrong. The first prototype was huge! You could have put a trolling motor on the thing and went fishing! Here is a picture of the new box. Same great quality but 1/3 the size.

Do not quote me on this because I have not got a cost from one supplier yet but I think for a 2 way valve system I will price it at $375. Same great ball valve as the 3 way. You just have to manually flush it at the end of the job by dropping the draw tube in water. If I am able to cram the 3 way valve in this smaller box I will be slightly less priced than projected on the 3 way valve. It would likely fall in the $425 range. Again this is a preliminary number.


Would two of these be able to run without any interference?


I believe so! I can program them separate. I’ll test it when I have ricks built and mine back.


Schertz, Can you please put me down for a 2 way system?


So there’s not really any cons to the new three way that I see except +50. Pros is that it eliminates the step of flushing at the end of the job. If I understand this correctly sign me up for a 3way. Either way I definitely want one or the other as soon as they’re ready. Good work Chris, im confident that you produce quality builds. Looking forward to using this. Super tired of walking. Been working 7 days a week for nearly a month.


You still need to flush the 3 way system as it will have SH sitting right at the ball valve (could cause corrosion over time). But flushing it would just require turning a valve in the box and pulling the trigger. Vs moving the drop tube.

The pro of the 3 way is it constantly flushes the injector of SH every time you are in rinse mode. It also allows more flow out of the gun since you are letting water flow. It may not be much flow, but still something.

I think the best bang for the buck is the 2 way. But some benefits of the 3 way are appealing.