Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


Looks great Chris! I might be interest at some point. I’m enjoying the 3 way ball valve set up, but walking back and forth to the trailer is getting old already. I’ll be interested to see how it all turns out.


Wow… 250…


If I am going to warranty the ball valve for 6 months I would want it getting a proper 12 volts.


Have you done any research as to the life expectancy of this valve? If I knew the valve was gonna last a few years I would have no problem with the price tag. I was in the process of building a remote ds with a mechanical valve and a solenoid for the water line but this schertz box is looking legit. I prefer a smaller remote though.


Is a two channel remote required for this 3 way valve? A for soap and b for water?


I can see about a smaller remote. I can probably just order some remotes and program it in. It is a 1 channel system. The ball valve is a 3 wire system and when the remote sends power to the trigger wire it engages. When killed it returns home (off).

What really turned me onto these valves has been seeing them used and abused in the plow industry. We use them on liquid de-icing equipment and they have some extremely corrosive stuff ran through them. They are exposed to the elements all winter and keep tickin. I really feel that if my boxes are flushed after each use (just turn a valve and spray 5-10 gallons of water through the gun) that they will last years and years.

Shown below is a liquid de-icer sprayer where you can see how they are exposed. The stuff we spray is so corrosive that one of my buddies didn’t wash his Honda off after last season and the fly wheel was basically gone this last fall when he went to test it 40 minutes before a storm.


No it would only need to be one channel. I have the remote programmed so that when you hit A it turns the system on and B to turn the system off. I did this so if you were at the back of a house and were unsure if it were on or off you could tell. If both on and off were programmed to a single button you could hit it and not be sure. Trying to make it dummy proof and fail proof.


Thats some range!!


I bet it will go a mile!


Ask @Grizz - mine today wouldn’t go 200’ from the backyard of a house we were doing. I got really tired watching Grizz having to walk back and forth to check, lol.


So I can count you in for a unit I take it? Lol


Heck I’ll be able to buy a couple when you get through paying for my consulting fee on the nursery


I’m hoping you will drive up and help build it! Or come up our grand opening in 2020 and help sell!


2020, what’s wrong with NOW?


Planting season has for nursery flowers has came and went. I don’t want to rush. Study pricing and learn all I can in the meantime.


We need to talk before you do too much building.


Im so tired i can barley reel in these fish. I really need to go ahead and buy that boat from you. Lol


Must be tough! Still ice on some of the lakes up here.


You need to come down here.


Have any luck last night?