Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


Now that’s a ball valve!


This was over my budget from the beginning but I love watching it develop.


Now just waiting on the bulkhead fittings to plumb through the box! I’ll go outside and program the remote and see what the range is like.


Here ya go guys! Over 400 yards of sweet sweet range! @Racer @Grizz @Ikii


Here are pics


Looks like the same remote!


Looking pretty good Chris. A couple of thoughts since I’ve been using one for awhile.
Need a longer antenna wire because some guys just strip end and wrap around frame or ladder rack to have a huge antenna.
Distance not super important as long as it works up to about 300’ through houses or buildings.
The light flashing when it comes on is nice, but does it stay on. That’s the important part. Some guys also run like a truck style amber light to top of trailer that stays on when soaping and they just splice off of ‘permanent on’ light connection.
If you notice pic of the one I have from Russ, the bottom of solenoid is only thing sticking thru box, and then the barbs run off of it. How do you plan on connecting hose to barbs - are you planning on drilling holes in bottom or sides for hose to run into?


I bought bulkhead fittings to go through the box. And yes the light stays on as long as the soap is on. Antenna should have good range mounted to box but if requested I could leave it long.


Actually my earlier version with the key fob remotes got just as far distance wise and a lot easier to carry. In fact first time he sent me one with big remote, sent it back for an older one with the small remote, lol.


Does your antenna have magnetic base? My first one, didn’t even have antenna and it worked fine.


I believe it was but the box was fiberglass and wouldn’t stick. I’ll do some through wall testing tomorrow. But my shop is all metal and I can’t even get phone signal In it. I’m happy so far!


Those would be the guys that don’t understand the science behind antennas with loading coils, lol.


I have a 4 foot cb antenna on my truck that gets me 3-5 miles and a 4 inch uhf antenna that gets me 50 miles lol


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I did. Never had that happen!


Could it be powered by usb?
To a cel phone back up?
The one i did over a year ago was
I use it when i go on trips like disney and what not.


I know the valve doesn’t consume energy or produce heat when engaged. But I think running it off a battery is the safest bet. Being a $250 valve I would hate to chance burning up the motor if it was underpowered.