Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)



Hope it makes sense


Having a dual version would keep me on edge all the time, especially if it was meant to pull different chems. I could see myself accidentally soaping a house with butyl or something similarly stupid. :crazy_face:


I can live with one but 2 would be way better


If you had a 1 soap system but it had a 3 way (manual) valve in the box where you could decide what chemical you wanted to pull would that be ok? I’m sitting here at work designing this thing and adding parts to the shopping cart to get a price point and just the electric manifold and 1/2 the plumbing has me at $890.19

What I am designing right now would be great for a roof pump system! But man would it be a PITA to build lol


so by looking at the drawing you and sticking a 5 gallon bucket under the injector each time you DS? That is what I do now. You can still use a 5 gallon mix bucket except my box will be in between the injector and bucket. The video will describe all!


Yep. And i am not worried about the hose lenght i can get that locally.


A 2 way valve will work.
I have valves on both ends


890 wow thats steep


What diameter hose you running? Looks like its bigger than my think little clear hose I use.


That’s what I said… Adding a 3 way valve for multi soaps (manual valve) would only be 40-50 more. and even less if I were using the small barb 3 way ones from pressure tech


I run 1/4 on the injector.
But 1/2 to my manifold to fill bucket


Yep… dont want to walk back to trailer


Just to be clear, you would only have access to 1 soap with the remote. So if you were washing you could only use 1 or the other. If you wanted the different juice you would need to walk back and turn the manual valve. Is that what you are looking for or are you wanting full remote automation?


I want full remote.
A 3 way solenoid?


Let me see what I can do to make it affordable. I have some ideas on paper but I want to make sure it will function right.


3 way electric ball valve. I would have to add at least 1 more electric 3 way valve.


Isnt a one 3 way better than 2 single solenoids?
Lets see what u have…or come up with.
I am sure it will be awesome


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Just change below where it probably says tracking to watching.