Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


Can’t say it would be easier or even reliable. You would have to have constant power coming from your plug. Meaning you would have to have your truck headlights on while washing.


Thats where ur exoertise comes… i just drive.


I am still on the fence…need
2., straight SH.
Would need a unit with 2 ball valves


I can do it. But the price for 2 valves is high. We talked about this.


How high?


$600-$700 i would estimate.


Just use a 1/4 in control valve ($10) inline with the SH side so you can control ur ratio depending on job. Pull straight SH


I use straight SH for touch ups,


Ouch, but worth it.
Got to pay some bills first,


Big idea…
4 way valve


How much extra is the 3 way version


3 way as in when it’s off it’s pulling water?


Or 2 2 way


Two 2 way valves would be more affordable. But you loose rinse flow.


Thats fine



$550 would be a rough estimate. Can’t be for sure. I won’t have time to build one for a few weeks.

I shipped all the 2 way valves that were ordered from me. Waiting on a parts delivery that was back ordered so I can get the last 3 way valves out.

Once they are out I’ll need to take a quick break to catch up on pressure washing.


Have you figured out yet if your unit can withstand HF,Ph,Citric acids And high ph soaps ?


I can put an email into the engineering guy. He gave me his email. Send me an email to with either chemical names or preferably msds sheets and I can find out.


10-4. Will do.I can see a beta test in my super duper see the future magic 8 ball… kidding


Someone asked me if mine was like yours on the YouTube channel. Said I don’t know. I’ll be honest… I didn’t really keep up with your thread because I knew what I wanted out of mine. I cruised through your thread so I probably missed it, but the ball valve in yours, is that your design or did you find it?