Remote box build success!

So built a cheap remote box for my downstream and added a ball valve by end of my dropstick to slow up my check valves thirst. Checked it today and worked like a charm , im gonna move box to front tho i think back there itll end uo getting smacked pulling or pushing stuff in.

Is that a drill battery?

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A quick video of the internals which are the same as everyone but i got a part list with links
Its called a power wheel adapter they make em for majority battery brands this one built for dewalt has its on ofd switch so saved me installijg one

It’s actually good having all those holes in the bottom for drainage in case it gets wet in there

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Yeah i didnt think about that im gonna mayhe try to mount it under my table i built my reels sit on lol
It works tho i washed my house messing with it yesterday lol so yay

Waterproof that remote somehow, ask me how I know. Also keep a spare in the toolbox that works on that frequency. Don’t expect a whole lot of life out of those blue valves, I went through four and finally got a Teejet.


Heard that i got a 2nd remote ! Im look into one of those as well akd well see how long it last for me haha

Those remotes suck. Always turning on and off by mistake and the range isn’t as good and battery life sucks. Upgrade to this one with the on off switch so you don’t accidentally change the setting. 6000 ft Long Distance DC12V 24V 36V 48V Remote Control Switch 433Mhz Remote Transmitter, 12V 30A Remote Relay High Power Water Pump Motor Lighting Industrial Wireless Control Relay

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O really hmm ill field test it more but if it does turn into a problem ill check that one out thanks !
The remote itself has an on off switch ? Ill look at em in a few setting up at work hah.
Yeah i should have gotten one with a little belt clip on it like some of them or something but eh version 2 will have some uogrades probably , eventually ill add a led light
Does yours have a light and if so which idk what to search for led indicator bar or something maybe ?

It appears that yours only stops the soap. For only $500 you can get a schertz box that is almost bullet proof.


Yeah when i get a real rig i will get the real deal setup all the way for sure !! Well see how this does me for now rinse it well hopefully get through the season id be happy :blush: lmao

Yes on the side there is an on off switch. That is the original remote the shirts box came with.

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Mine easily last a season, sometimes season and half….do you rinse yours after every wash, not end of the day. I rinse after every wash with three way valve….seem to last awhile for the money.

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Yeah i try to put 3-4 gallons plain water before i reel up hoses