Relationship Building

Doing the corporate offices of a pm that we did about 15k in work for this year.

This will be our first job using the WFP for them and it happens to be at their corporate office. Putting on a show to say the least. I have all 3 company vehicles out there, 4 employees… definitely a spectical to say the least.

I decided to cater lunch in order to keep all PMs in office while the guys were working. Lunch ended up being about $200.

Not to toot my own horn, but this is one of the better ideas Ive had this year

ill keep you guys posted on the turnout.

Great stuff Dave. No way those guys don’t come off impressed.

Job went great. I ended up getting the property lists for 4 of the 9 property managers locations. I had a chance to talk to a
few of them and do some “informal education” on our maintenance plans and some of our other services. The plan definitely worked out very well.

I like the way you think Dave. Great idea!