Registration is now open for the Huntsville Workshop!

The Huntsville Workshop Registration is now LIVE!! Go to and sign up if you are a PWRA member! As of right now, we are limiting this event to 40 attendees, and with it being an invitation only event and a PWRA sponsored event, so if you are thinking of going you need to hurry! The workshop is November 9-10th.

We right now have 10 speakers and I will be posting more about our speakers, but this is the event of the fall to be at. THIS IS ONLY FOR BUSINESS OWNERS WHO WANT TO GROW THERE BUSINESS!! We will focus on business systems and learning and proficiently the business side of your company.

It is a great central location in the Sheraton Hotel at the Huntsville Alabama International Airport. You can fly in or drive in (We are in between Nashville and Birmingham and an hour and a half away from both off I-65). If you have any questions, please give me a call or you can ask me or Thad about it.

I look forward to meeting several of you there!

What about lodging? Any special rates?

We get discounted rates, Trey. It’s a nice hotel and very convenient- right by the airport.

Cool…pretty sure i’ll be going :smiley:

Oh yeah and Patriot Pro Clean = new PWRA memba

Cool. Together we are creating an unstoppable team!

Trey and Thad, the workshop and the hotel is IN the airport! The Hotel is a Sheraton and you literally could fly in, walk a couple hundred feet, check in, attend the workshop, and never leave the airport if you didn’t want to.

The Sheraton is a 4 seasons Hotel and was just recently remodeled in the last few months. If you book online, we were able to secure your rooms at a low cost of $80 and we have suite prices for $100 a night.

The Sheraton has a wonderful restaurant that is well known for their breakfast buffet. I know what you are thinking, airport restaurant food is going to be sky high (pun intended), but I ate there this past week for the first time with our event coordinator, and I was extremely impressed with not only the food, staff, and selection, but the cost! It was like $11 for the buffet and drink! The conference room is right behind the restaurant/bar.

If you want to drive in, no problem! Free parking for hotel guests in the airport parking garage. Just have to get your ticket validated at the front desk.

IM TELLING YOU NOW, THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST EVENT YOU CAN GO TO FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!! If you are a PWRA member or on the invite list, please make sure to get in before all the seats are gone!

Jeremy please let me know if I can help in anyway.

Thanks Chris! Im sure Thad will be in touch with you.