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Hey guys need some advice,I went yesterday and met with a agm from regional home improvement store ,they needed about 13,000 msq. ft. of concrete cleaned,some extremely large folding doors and 3 forklifts priced to wash. Im thinking about charging .08 to .11 cents a sq. ft does that seem about right and what type of chems do you guys use,it has some gum to clean up,any input or advice would be greatly appriaciated.

                                                                               Thanks,Greg Hatcher
                                                                               Elite Business Group

You will need hot water to pop the gum.

no chemicals that will release the gum?

Snake oil might work but, you really need hot water to pop gum.

First off do you have a hot water Powerwasher? If not I’d pass on this job because on just the gum alone your going to leave outlined markings of it unless you have heat. Heat is a “Must” on commercial cleanings!!

no I dont unfortunately! thanks for the input and saving me from ruining my imagine before I would have completed it

It’s tough passing on jobs but sometimes you have to.

Your only other option is to rent hot water.

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