Reel position?

You guys prefer running reels off back of open trailer or the right or left side? Setting up a new 6x10 single axle open rig.

I am running off the back right now but am also building a new trailer and will be running them off the passenger side this way I can park at the road and pull them straight out towards the house.

This is what I’m thinking. Although most of our jobs are large customers homes with long drives. The guys that work with it everyday want them on side too so I’m leaning towards this.

I’m going back to the side as well. I like the back but most of the time we park at the street so curb pulls would be nice.

It will definitely save a few steps.

Orange 600 8.705-523.0 Ribbed PVC Agrictulture Pest Control Sprayer Hose 1/2 Inch 300-Feet

Anyone running this hose for roof washing?

To do a side set up with the long drives we see to curb park we will need to go from the 200’ of kuri to 300’ of something.

95% of the houses we do it is from the curb, all four reels are facing the house.

Curbside all the way.

I prefer the back.

Just curious? Why do you prefer back? Looking at all options for new trailer

We have reels of the back our trailer . 7x16 enclosed. I like the reels out of the back ,seems easier for both residential and commercial work.

Well I finished it and sent the guys out with it today. I went with curbside. Still waiting on some new hose and reels to come in and will be adding a lot more to it. But it went on the road today.