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This is a great example of HOW NOT TO DO IT.

Look at their website. Terrible. No one in their right mind (except the bottom feeders that no one wants) would buy this deal.

Sweet deal! What a bargin!

What’s wrong with their website?


I done a deal with living social. $125 for up to 2000sqft. I made out very well. on calls from customers that wanted to deal with me direct.

If guys are lowering themselves to this desperate action then they…#1…Have nothing to sell but price…#2…Have no idea or how to market…#3…Will be out of business soon

Hey Alex what kind of eqpt does he have?? Will be for sale soon lol…

There’s not enough room on this forum.

You think it’s funny. Have you seen the rig he bought yesterday?? Ask him what happened to THAT guy.

Out of business is a cpl months…

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At least your getting good deals lol…