Reality show coming to my town..Maybe a PW one down the road?

I go to this Bagel place almost every morning after my guys go out to start there day. I am a person of repetition. In comes this Youngster and we start shooting the breeze. He’s a rapper who happens to own a few Tanning salons on the island including one in my town. Check him out on the net. You’ll see one of the guys on his video was a Soprano’s actor who played a captain in the Soprano family who got wacked. He was on for a few years.
Anyways me and this “Kid” got into talking for awhile and he tells me all about this reality show will be called Tony’s family. Look up there bio and you will see that his family came from one tough background. In case I forget his name is Tony Testa TONY TESTA- WHO U WIT feat. UNCLE MURDA (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
Here’s his bio Tony Testa | Brooklyn, NY | Hip Hop / Gangsta Rap / East Coast | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

He also said he promised his family it won’t be like what you see going on in the Jersey shore show(I won’t even go there)

Because he told me all of this today… ole Johnny boy stopped by his place this afternoon and will be seeing him tomorrow to pay him a visit… I’m curious as to how this kid got this show because it seems like these Reality shows are a drop in the bucket.

I already connected with a few to check this out…

Can this be done in our industry?? Do we really want this anyway? Do we already need to go this way when we have enough of everything we need with these bulletin boards, Facebook, Twitter or whatever else is out there??

Who knows but its all fun.

I definitely want to see the “Hey, Johnny T!” reality show.

:slight_smile: ohhh nooooo… Would have to be someone who likes the spotlight in front of a camera… Maybe some one who likes to public speak at Roundtables…hmmm… Any ideas Thad:cool: Seriously if there was money in this and it could be done you would be one of the first to know…

Nah, you already got your fat whiny booty-buddy in on it.

Lol… He wouldn’t do a reality show no matter what I ever said…maybe because I said it…lol I am trying to get him to think long and hard about my other idea… That one could happen and I would take my “booty-buddy” in on it because that’s the whole idea… and he or anyone else if I lay out a decent enough plan can always say…F-off…because it wouldn’t matter anyway…it’s there choice.
How crazy is that one:p

I think it could definitely be one. Service businesses are interesting… Lots going on in the office and the filed… Little bits of drama.

If someone is really interested in this pm me.