Ready to throw in the towel on this air setup


Ive had nothing but issues since we started using air. Hoping someone can chime in. First time compressor had issues so went and purchased a brand new compressor, after that we got it running but had nearly no distance and what feels like 50psi coming through the hose but we made it work for 7-8 roof. The other day our pump started spewing roof mix so instead of rebuilding it and dealing with headaches i purchased a brand new 1/2” ARO and regulator. Just used it for the first time and regulator was bad. Just took regulator off and ran pump with only compressor regulator set at 80psi. Still basically no pressure (barely reaches the roof on a single story ranch) WHAT IS THE ISSUE?! 1/4” air hose as is the air fitting on the pump. Somebody please help me out here


Post some pics of your setup


Just left the shop but pretty simple… 9 gallon compressor with 1/4” air hose connecting to pump. 1/2” kuri-tec jumper to hose reel and 1/2” kuri tec on the reel


What kind of compressor do you have? I can post a video of my setup if that helps


Had an IR compressor but died on us. Picked up a 9 gallon central neumatic figured itd get the job done. Doesnt seem like its working!


Call pwpclearwater, ask for lori or rex they will help you


What size is the hose supplying pump (suction hose on pump)? Also are you using a proportioner of any sort? Post pics


What are you using as far as a gun or nozzle setup is concerned? I get more distance with my 5gpm jrod nozzles then I do my 8gpm jrod nozzles on my 1/2” ARO. About to go the cheap garden hose gun route and see how it does.


1/2" suction hose. Same hose that comes with pressure tek 12v setup as i had 200ft of it laying around


I’d go bigger. I have had the same issue as you and fixed it by going from 1/2 -> 1in. Especially if you are using a proportioner. Also if you haven’t already I would put an inline regulator between compressor and pump


1” suction hose?


Yes I have one inch suction hose. 1/2 in might not be supplying pump with enough solution


All my water hoses and fittings are 1" from the buffer tank. My chlorine line is 3/4" . Soap line is 1/2" (maybe a little big but wth). These run to my homemade proportioner and offer very little resistance when all are open. Allows my 1/2" husky to pump a good 45’ with serious volume. Saves me a ton of time.

Get a good compressor since you will be running it for hours at a time.


What truck are you running? It looks like it has a retired AT&T service body on it but the wheels don’t look Chevy???


It is an F350 with the AT&T body that I modified to hold tanks, pump and compressor. Got it with 50k on it for a song. Great ladder racks and had a commercial Onan on it.


I had to ask since I’ve never seen them run Ford’s


I really like it and want another one…