Rate my newb equip list

Hey everyone,

I am separating from active duty Air Force in 2 months and moving to Florida to start my own Biz!

I have some money saved and I want to get the right equipment the first time, and from my research this list is what I came up with. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of the little things, like hose connectors for the 2 100ft hoses. What connectors would I use? Can I use the battery that comes with the 8gpm machine to also run the softwash roof pump? Can you point me in the right direction?

I just bought a new 6.5x12 single axle trailer and will be getting a used $50 250gallon tote when I get there. I’m unsure what chem tote I’ll need.

Anything helps!

Dont buy accumulator tank they are worthless. Run a separate battery for your 12v system. Do you plan on using tank as water transport or buffer. If buffer dont buy tote you dont need 250. Buy stainless fittings to start with if you dont you will later. Dont forget you PPE. Just remember your plan to get the right thing the first time will never work. Some things you gotta figure out for yourself. What works for you definitely isn’t what works for everyone else. Buy a good ladder. And some mittens for it

I’m not going to comment on the equipment as I’m new, but just saying ‘hey’ to another separated USAF guy.

Chris Brock
755 Comm Squadron
Offutt AFB, NE

Yes as a buffer, ill have to see what I can find because theyre expensive lol. And yes! Ill need a good adjustable ladder maybe to 30ft?

Wassup wassup i’m an Hvac Tech

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I can help with the ladder part, as a window cleaner.

28’ will get up to 3 story windows, but not the gutters above. I primarily use a 24’ with Xtenda-Leg levelers, which I consider mandatory for off camber hills.

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You waste to much time filling that’s tank and you cant transport it full on such a small trailer. Well you can but not safe. Yes they are expensive but you will have it forever as long as you take care of it. Spend the money. They money you will make actually cleaning and not waiting for that huge take to fill will be well worth it

You probably are already aware but competition is cutthroat in FL! :+1:

He doesn’t have to wait for it to fill to start using. Depending on water flow where he’s at he may need. He can safely carry 100 gal which will let him get started when he pulls up. I run a 335 and normally carry around 125 - 150 and I run out of water a lot. If you’re standing around jaw jacking you can get by with less or maybe just house washes, but if you’re doing any serious concrete work 1/2 the homes I do can’t keep up.

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Welcome Gregory. A couple of things, on your Titan reel, spend a little more and get a full frame model. They’re stackable whereas the uframe isn’t.

Also, a 28" WW Big Guy is a great surface cleaner but not the best for small residential. A smaller floater like a 20" WW Classic or a 24" Aqua Pro is a lot more flexible when doing sidewalks, stoops, and smaller drives, etc. Be sure to get the 4 nozzle bar on any of them.

Where in Fl you moving?

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Looking at your pricing makes me jealous lol. Wish we had reasonably priced units and more options to buy.
Good luck with your adventure!

I decided to switch up to the WW Classic when i looked more into it, with 4 nozzles the things a beast at 8gpm and it can be thrown around a lot easier

As for where in Florida… I guess if I’m in your area you’ll see me pop up randomly out of nowhere. I want to focus on marketing and get a 2nd truck moving after a couple months which means my profits will be going right into more equipment.

But yeah if Florida doesn’t work out i’m young and have plan b, c and d lol

I’m actually curious if y’all get better pricing anywhere else? This is pressuretek.com… From what I’ve seen this is reasonable but maybe I can find a local store willing to discount some things :wink:

Should have noted I am in rural British Columbia.
Good equipment is very expensive, and usually not located close to you. Not many pools so even chemicals are harder to find priced decently. I can (sometimes) find 10% sh at Walmart for $6 a gallon if I need extra chems on a weekend. One of the janitorial suppliers carries 5 gallon jugs of 12% for $34.

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I’d ditch the Hudson. Your never going to need it with a tote and an 8 gpm machine.

The price of paradise!

It’s hard to complain too much when you live in an area most people pay through the nose to come and vacation at.
Just have to leverage that into a payday so I can stop having to work over the winter months lol.

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Ouch that’s pricey. Canadian Tire should have 10.8% for $5-$6 per 5 litre container. That’s what I used at first. Never had a problem with it

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Buy extra chem injectors, only buy stainless fittings, a good trigger gun, a 6’ or 8’ step ladder to get over roof lines to those hard to reach spots, pail wrench, 1/4 and 3/8 o-rings.

Also don’t power wash in Florida the market is to saturated and you bust your hump for pennies.

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