Random small pro tips

Hi all. Let’s share some random things that are useful to remember. I definitely didn’t make these mistakes myself :wink:

  • Aways check the location of hose outlets and their flow when on a estimate.

  • Always remember to shut off the fuel line when you are done with the engine. Saves you from having to clean our the carb when you eventually flood it. P.S. If left open and unused for long enough it can cause a mini explosion if the spark chamber is sufficiently flooded.


Don’t assume because it’s 45 degrees out that you don’t have to check to make sure windows are all closed


Always check the electric outlets and make sure there covered


Just because you see your jrod land, doesn’t mean your going to find it


Dont use a small twig to get dirt out of intake of injector when you drop it in mud


You must have met my wife… :joy::joy::rofl: needless to say I pay the utilities.

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A customer sent me this today: “I may not answer the door as I may be sleeping (taking care of my elderly parents during the nights). If I don’t just leave an estimate in the door or mail basket.”

Sounds kind of plausible. A few years ago, I would have spent an hour and a half to drive out there and walk around the house and write up an estimate and a bunch of notes that I felt the customer should be aware of. Today I instantly smelled a price shopper. I told her I looked at the house on Google maps and it wasn’t a good fit. Walk away.

I don’t do many residential estimates in person but when i do I’m like a ninja. I slide it in the door and leave so I don’t have to talk to anyone. Same way with invoices.


Inspect meter boxes :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: not so small fyi

If you’re avoiding the customer, that’s one thing. If the customer is avoiding you, that is something else. :grinning:

What exactly are the elderly parents doing all night that the customer has to stay up all night and supervise? It doesn’t pass the smell test.

Personally I like meeting the customers. Build the rapport. Demonstrate your knowledge. Network. Sell yourself. Set expectations. Educate the customer. Feel the customer out. Cross-sell.

I can almost always point out other stuff that needs to be washed. How about that shed? What about that fence? I don’t even feel like I’m cross-selling. It’s usually stuff I’d be remiss if I did NOT address.

You must be young. Elderly parents and watching/taking care of them all night is exhausting. We just went thru it with my father in law before he passed away the first of April. Alzheimers he a horrible thing. Your potential did not ask anything unreasonable of you. My business model doesn’t allow for upselling, chit chatting, or educating a customer. Adding a driveway adds 30 minutes and I’m already booked to July.

@Innocentbystander, are your customers primarily apartments and PM’s?

Yes, with some residential thrown in. No more than 15 or 20 houses a week. Typically Fridays or when I need filler work

For everyone who’s trying to learn how to clean and stain wood. Do not stain anything that has not weathered more then a year after being built.

I just rebuilt my deck. I was told not to stain it for 1 yr. Too much moisture left in the PT wood.

Yep that’s exactly what I just said lol. I get calls all the time with 3-6 month old decks that they want stained. Feel like builders aren’t educating the home owners sometimes.


Hahah builders educating homeowners? You, sir, are hilarious.


Man I hope I can grow to half that size @Innocentbystander. How long have you been in the business?

Sorry for your loss, IBS.

Thank you