Random pics and video of builds

So, if you know me I’m not real tech savvy. These are my YouTube accounts with some truck stuff

I don’t know how to send a link


First account: superoffduty - YouTube

Second account: William Page - YouTube

Got your back @Innocentbystander



If I were to choose any truck for a set up it’d be like the utility trucks that you run @Innocentbystander. I can’t think of any truck that is more ideal for what we do.

I found a 2011 Chevy 2500HD utility truck with 130K for $8900 but it’s too soon for me to snag one. I liked it.

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Is that white tank your water tank? What size is that it?

it’s a water tank. 65 gallons. That’s an old pic. I haven’t had a Vanguard in probably 5 or 6 years.

In your experience, what are the biggest advantages/disadvantages of utility/service truck vs flatbed vs regular pick up style (like pictured above)??? I’m getting ready to move from trailer to truck and in the process of looking for a truck right now.

Tons more room on a service truck. I mean, a lot more room. I’ve got a flatbed and was looking at putting a service bed on it but I’m not really sure hope much l longer I want to be in business

Poor fella, im sorry lol

They suck worse than fresh coffee

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Do you have a good source for used service trucks, or do you just shop around?

I rather have you fix me a dried up chicken supper you like than put a key in a V twin honda.

Just wait until you have to keep bending the spring clips back on the air cleaner to get rid of the rattle on the lid lol

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To late @dperez, lol, Fixed the choke lever sliding out at the same time. :crazy_face:

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Just shop around. I bought three in 48 hours when the flood took me out a few years ago.

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Just think of all the hot dogs you could store in all of the compartments.


@hotshot would you be willing to sell that conversion kit? :joy:


That’s janky af, the choke has a tab secured by a small bolt. Pull the clip and bend the center up and reinstall it. The choke will then stay put.


I like zip ties @dperez! They are very simple and fashionable! :rofl::rofl:.

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