Ran into this few weeks ago

Forgot to post, the “Tape the Locks” thread reminded me.

Went to hook up to water and this is what i found.

It was just a ground wire, or atleast labeled as so… i decided to hook up to the other, less convenient, spigot to be on the safe side

I don’t see the problem.
I’ve done many home improvement projects for many houses and I saw this many times.
Grounding to a water source is totally acceptable.
It doesn’t affect water flow or anything else that I can think of.

that’s where my grounds are on my house

Ok, have never seen grounds run there before.


Me neither Donut and I’ve been around awhile.

Usually grounds on pipes are a secondary ground. Back in the old days you had galvanized pipe for a water main. Made a good ground but as the pipe rusts and corrodes it looses some conductivity. Now a days with plastic pipe from the main it is not a great place to ground your elec because basically the only thing grounding the pipe is the nails that holds the pipe clamps to your wall or studs. Most all grounding now is done with a couple 1\2 or 3\4 copper rods about 10 to 12 feet long hammered into the ground outside. You can by the rods clams and wire at Lowe’s and install a couple pretty cheap.

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I’m stealing this for everyday conversation.


“Cupcake” gets cliche, doesn’t it?

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That’s the ground for the telephone box on the house. You should be A Okay!