If you are working on a house and an unexpected storm rolls in, no thunder and lightning. Will it hurt your machine to keep working and finish off the house or should you work to get it under cover ASAP?

Heck no. My machines are all exposed daily to the weather even not in use. The only part that is covered is the burner exhaust stacks. Heck I always liked working in the rain. Hydration of the surrounding areas is always a good thing. Also the beauty of Powerwashing over painting and landscaping for example is you can keep working in the rain and not lose $$$$

I was hoping that would be the answer, I just dont see packing it up and calling it a day just because of rain. You would lose too much money if you were only a fair weather washer.

Absolutely not. Any pressure washer worth its salt can handle rain all day long, no problem. You should be fine.

Depending on how much of a rain your talking you may just need to increase strength of you chemicals because if your washing lets say a stucco wall that has heavy mildew and algae the wet wall I’ll already dilute instantly 50% if you know a storm is certain, hit those stubborn areas first or make a special mix in a small hand sprayer to tackle the tough spots.