Rain rain, go away

Well its supposed to rain here in northern Arkansas every day for the next 8 days. Ive never washed in the rain but assume it can be done reasonably well. If I’m wrong let me know. I figure the rain will help with rinsing but, How does it effect dwell time?

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You can work in the rain just fine. If the rain is rinsing too much, soap it again.

I’ve done it in a quick downpour.

It’s not ideal. You’ll use more chemicals and take longer depending on how heavy the rain is.

Depending on how heavy the rain, it usually saves me time. I don’t have to worry about vegetation, and I can soap larger areas at once without it drying. So far I’ve not worked in a rainstorm that was so heavy that it was rinsing off my solution. The eaves do a decent job of preventing that if there isn’t a driving wind.

Just don’t work in a lightning storm. You could be a quick-fried power washer :grimacing:

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I’m with ya man @Jesman33. We Live in NE Arkansas
Rain,rain,rain. I kinda don’t mind the rain. Makes my life a little easier. Full hot sunny day makes it more difficult for me.If were ordering from mother nature, Cloudy days in the high 70s please…

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I’ve enjoyed the past 5 days of rain! Big truck needed rear wheel seals. So it’s in the shop.


Nice. Not me sir. I’m gonna be out in my duck waders in a while


Man it’s rained 3 days a week for a year in central Arkansas!!! Soooooo sick of it!

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Well it wasnt too bad. I worked in a pretty hard down pour and it still wasnt too bad. Thanks for sharing your opinions


I’ve been needing to change the oil in the wife’s car for a week now so I guess today is my day. Now, if I can find the motivation to get off the couch I’ll be in business. I did get my business license today so I’ve at least done something productive

Yeah man ,long as you mix sticks for a lil dwell time your good. I like to wash on cloudy, misty days myself

Blaire and I are remodeling the upstairs of the house. New subfloors and flooring and all new paint. So I’m working harder on rain days than I do wash days.

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Get out of there @SchertzServicesLLC ! Once you start,it will never end sir


Haha, don’t you love it? I’m 8 years into a 3 year remodel :joy:


When I first bought the house 10 years ago I spent 2 years remodeling the downstairs. The bathroom lasted 9 years and I just remodeled the bathroom for the 2nd time.

I had never touched 2 rooms upstairs and they had carpet from 1990…

Once the upstairs is done I have to put in a new septic system that is field-less. And I’ve yet to start on the nursery! So much to do so little time!

I’m kinda digging the rain. I’ve put 22 gutter cleaning jobs on the calendar for next week at $89-129 per house. All walkable with the exception of 2 houses (priced higher than $129) and I was able to fit them all in around house washes since I rarely leave my tiny market. 11 hours of work reasonably at around $200 per hour. With house washes it’s still going to be a 40 hour week.

If you have a lot of painting to do you need one of these suckers! Best $200 ish I’ve ever spent. It’s the equivalent to stepping up from an electric pressure washer to 8gpm lol

I can paint a room in 20 minutes or less. And my upstairs has that wood paneling that are hard to paint because of the lines between. This thing shoots it right in.


I Wash in the rain all the time!
Makes it faster. Dont have to wet amd rinse plants.
I don’t mind it at all as long as its not freezing.
Wind is what I hate!

Almost done!