R 202 concret cleaner

For any of you who use this product, how many ounces per gallon do you use with a 10-1 injector?

Hey Darren,

I’ll usually add 1 cup - 1.5 cups to 5 gallons of water before down streaming. If it’s nasty concrete I’ll bump it up to 2 cups. If it’s NASTY concrete I’ll add as much as will stay suspended in a pump up sprayer and apply it direct, but that’s sort of rare.

Every powder is different Darren but after a while it seems to me like a pro powder starts at 4 oz to the gallon.

Use that mixture to downstream for cleaning or direct apply for stripping.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Tim!

I do 1 cup to 5 gallons… Works like a charm… If you need more add a little more. Need less start cutting back…