Quote for Trailer & Magnets

Good Day Fellas! I am bidding my 5x8 enclosed trailer out for vinyl graphics & two door magents for my vehicle. The company that I went to is local and handles many local business’ but also some large national brands as well (2 man shop). The quote I received was for 3M brand materials magnets: $300 trailer graphics: $990

Does this seem high? I am doing nothing fancy, my logo, phone #, and services.


[MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION] would be better to answer this but I would say that’s really high just for lettering and no graphics. I would say that’s about on par for graphics maybe with a partial wrap.

I would love to quote your work. I would appreciate any specs you have but feel free to cross out the prices because I would just as soon not know until after you have made a decision. PWRA members get some killer discounts. Maybe that would be the difference.

We have some high end Oracal that I use on my own stuff and then we have the nice expensive 3M stuff that you could practically do a wrap on a bowling ball with. (slight exaggeration there perhaps.)

sign2day.tim@gmail.com sign2day.com Signs and Banners

Thanks [MENTION=1400]Clear Shine Maintenance[/MENTION] for the mention.

FYI, Tim does GREAT work. I had him make some stickers and they are TOP QUALITY. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for and I would much rather pay top dollar for top quality vinyl than cheap prices for vinyl that won’t last. Besides my website, my truck graphics get the the most business.