Quote - Customer only wants one side cleaned

A customer reached out to me for a quote on 2 of her properties. On one property she wants the entire house washed.

On the other, she only wants the north side of the house washed. I am going to inform her tomorrow when I do the estimate that I have a minimum charge of $100 just to show up there and get my machine running. So if she wants only the north side done, it’ll be $100.

Along with that I’m also going to quote her the entire house + other services.


200.00 minimum, period.


Yup $200 minimum otherwise the Honda’s are getting a rest. The problem with people like that is when they become regulars they learn to dictate how/what/where. I carry the risk, I also set the price.


I would give 25% off the full house price m

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Yeah, just have a minimum that you feel comfortable with.

But everyone is different, and that’s fine. Some guys won’t do it, some guys will.

Bottom line, it has to be worth your time.


I charge $100 and schedule it when i’m in the area. I always do my best cleaning on every job so I’ll typically get the whole house the next time, do their flatwork or get a referral. I paid $30 to HA for a referral, small house, small money but got referred to her sister who’s on the board with the HOA. Did over $3000 from the one small job.


I have a “North side only” wash next week. $200

I usually tell the customer that there is an economy of scale. The less of the house you do, the more expensive per sqft. Because fixed costs remain the same to me.


$100, no problem if they have another job the same day.

I still remember making $5.35/hr at a grocery store, so $100 for 20 minutes of work is a blessing.


In a neighborhood you are actively trying to establish a presence in, any profitable rate is a no-brainer because the expectation for future business via word-of-mouth, presence and exposure, a yard sign, 5-arounds, etc. Actually it may be a better deal for you in the long run.

You get the same exposure as several hours on a house wash and driveway, although less profitable immediately, in the long run you will be just as visible and likely get the same amount of business off of it. So “equal” amount of exposure for quarter of the work is very good when establishing yourself in a particular neighborhood.

Key word is profitable, you do not work for free or charity.


Hey @William_Neptune01, I really appreciate that outlook on the matter. Like @dcbrock said, $100 for 20 mins is a good deal. Now you multiply that by the exposure and the turnaround is truly remarkable.

Really appreciate you sharing that insight.

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You tell them no, usually they turn out to be crap customers who complain.

Could you imagine just having 1/4 of your lawn mowed?


Only time we do one side only is for condos

You know who would call to have one side cleaned? Carole Baskin


Thats funny.

I had to look it up to get the reference. I didn’t watch the netflix thing.

In the grass cutting business, if you want the whole field cut or just a couple of acres the price is essentially the same. As @Steve said it is economy of scale. Most specialized trades have a show up fee. If your already getting other work from her I don’t see the problem, unless you have tons of work to do. I’m no PW, but when I was painting professionally I gave them what they wanted. Want one wall painted, no problemo, cost about the same to do the whole room. Want that wall repainted another color, no problemo, just sign this form right here for the added costs.

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I think the trouble is they usually want you to do one side for 25% of the 4 wall price.

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I like to give people a choice.

My minimum fee depending on distance ranges from $175-300 ($175 is for someone in my neighborhood, $300 would be a 30 minute drive out). My starting price for washing a house is $250. But I generally shoot for 60-75% of the total to do one wall.

For example:

“Yes, ma’am, I can do one wall. That’ll be our minimum of $225. Or, you can have the whole house power washed for $300.”

Very few opt for just one wall, at that point.


Yes I give two prices like others have mentioned here…the price to do one wall is just about the price of a house wash. I’ve used the mowing of 25% of your lawn analogy before as well. Or shaving 25% of your face…but some people are just cheap. Those HOA letter ones will still only pay for one side though :man_shrugging: