My Quickbooks account was all kinds of wonky and I couldn’t wrap my brain around it so I called quickbooks and asked how I wipe it clean and start from scratch. If you only have a Quickbooks Essentials online account you have to cancel your account and start a new one.

Apparently, if you have anything above the Essentials package, you have the option to wipe it clean as well as some other options. The price difference is pretty big if you don’t intend on using the extras consistently enough to justify it.

BUT… If you have a Costco Executive membership, the difference in cost between Essentials without it and Quickbooks Plus with the Costco Executive, your monthly cost is actually a lot less than even the cheaper one.

Also, if you have a Costco membership ($60) and want to upgrade to the Executive membership ($120), all you have to do is pay the $60 difference. The payback on that $60 is a few months and you’ll still save money throughout the year.

Just a heads up for anyone using quickbooks and wants to save some money.


Thinking about quickbooks come jan1

Good gouge, we have the Executive Membership and I know the boss didn’t get it from Costco. Another counseling session in the making…

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First month is free.

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Now if I could just get my mileage logging app to integrate with QB we’d be in really good shape.

Mine (Expensify) isn’t playing nice with QuickBooks either. That’s one of the reasons why I had to scratch everything. My accountant just told me to run the reports as separate excel reports which I found was easy to do. You just have to add it in at the end of the month as one mileage expense. Doesn’t really matter because you have the logs in excel if you get audited.

I couldn’t get mine to link up properly with ANY of my bank accounts either for some reason and Expensify (where I scan all my receipts) was doubling and tripling up expenses. QB showed a loss for the year that certainly would’ve triggered an audit.

I’m going to give it one more shot before I just suck it up and pay the accountant $85/hr.

There wasn’t a single number in QB that was accurate when I tried to do it the first time. Lol

I use excel for my taxes

I’d rather gouge out my good eye. The reason I started using QuickBooks and switched from Xero is because QuickBooks is supposed to play nice with Housecall Pro and a couple other apps I use, but it hasn’t been the case at all.

You’ll never catch me doing my own taxes…

I heard good things about QB.
I dont do my own taxes.
I give everything categorized to my accountant and she takes care of it.
I believe I have seen your post or mention Housecall Pro, but havent tried it.

I use QB and so far so good but I’m not trying to link anything except mileage. I am running Trip Log and Mile IQ concurrently to see if one is better than the other. We did Mile IQ because it was supposed to work with QB and then somehow that was no longer the case. The wife enters everything else manually, just her comfort zone and as long as I don’t have to I’m good with it.

I set up a new account after upgrading. I found it’s easier if I transfer the monthly statements as an Excel file one month at a time. After messing with it for weeks, I knocked out 6 months of clean up in an afternoon.

I’ll probably just keep using Expensify for saving receipts and mileage and doing one monthly report.

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Expensify lets you just take pics of receipts or what

yeah. It scans them into and does a good job. You get a copy of all of them with an expense report. It just doesn’t integrate well with QB


Damn… these apps you speak of just make my phone more important to my daily life.

Downloaded MileIQ and Expensify… seems easy enough. MileIQ might suck me in to having to pay for it during the summer months once 40 trip limit runs out. These two apps and joist will help in areas of business that i needed to improve on for the future. Thanks for sharing.

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Expensify is only $5.00/month. It’ll track mileage and save receipts. Just don’t try to integrate it with quickbooks. Manually enter any cash transactions and input your statements from your bank’s website into Quickbooks one month at a time.

I did that and knocked out the entire year off an on over 2 days.

Enter cash transactions? Just kidding…

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Never been paid cash for anything ever. Allegedly.