Quick connects on non-insulated wand

Looking to upgrade my insulated lances for non insulated one but im having a hell of a time getting the damned round lance to stop moving when i start tightening it. I tried one and marred the nice looking wand. There has to be a better way but i cant see it. Any help from veterans out there?

Wrap it with a rag and put it in your vice.

If you don’t have a vice…wrap it with a rag and clamp your vice grips on it.

And, besides that…this is a tool, if it has marks, so what.


Wow… that simple solution??? I feel dumb but i did learn something :smile:

Don’t feel that way…we all know how it is to get so involved with crap like this and totally miss something obvious.


This exactly why i love this forum and try and help out as much as i can, cus when i need help theres always someone willing to return the favour :smile:

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I have had the exact same experience. I cannot tell you how many times I have been helped here…either by asking or reading.


Put couplings on both end. Put one coupling in the vice and turn the other coupling with a wrench. Both will tighten and no marks on the wand


Nice!!! Thanks IBS and JimLuke for your help. Very much appreciated