Questions on how to mount chemical tank!

Setting up my house wash trailer. Honda gx390, 4.0gpm general pump yada yada! Bought a 12 gallon chemical tank for my trailer however I ordered it one night while half asleep working midnights. Turns out it has a sump . So the hose connects to the bottom of the tank. I’m clear on all the fittings and such I’m just curious of what ideas you folks my have on how to mount it to the trailer!

Send it back


I wouldn’t trust anything with a bulkhead on the bottom…what if it leaks? @Innocentbystander said send it back

Makes sense ! Thank u

12 gallons is to small in my opinion. Get at least a 25-35 gallon tank. I housewash plus screen room can used more than 12 gallons sometimes. Nothing will piss you off more than having to go get more chem to finish a job