Question on my 1st Commercial Bid (Please Help)

Hi Everyone,

I being in conversation with a Postal Master (Manager of a local USPS) , he wants me to offer a proposal to clean his building which looks pretty bad (First question - has anyone had any experience in doing work for USPS ? ) ok! I did use google maps and there is aprox 59K SQFT of parking lot/driveway and sidewalk area to be washed, which it doesn’t look too bad, just regular oil spills and a few gun spots to be removed (not too much). Water needs to be reclaimed, it cannot go on storm drain (2nd question: what’s the best method to cover drain? just sand bags would work? ) I don’t have a reclaim unit, I already spoke with manager and I can just use a sump pump and get the water dumped in a grassy area. (3rd question: what’s best pump and how the best way in doing that? I have never done that before) - I figured that I am going to price around .06 or .08 cents per SQFT (Is that a good price?) I have a single unit 3500 PSI 5GPM / I do have a Surface Cleaner. How long it will take for me to do that? how many hours? how many SQFT you can normally do in 1 hour?)
They have an additional 17K SQFT of covered garage/parking to be cleaned. For the garage he wants a bid just for the floor and in addition cleaning the walls and pillars. Then there is the whole exterior of the building aprox 48K SQFT. most it’s all brick, there is some areas in the front and around the top part and also some pillars (they are concrete but they have this thin layer covering it (it looks like stucco, don’t know exactly what is called) In some of the pillars on the botton it start to pilling off (you can see the concrete) What’s the best method to wash that? I figured got be very low pressure (soft wash), I don’t want to damage anything. What’s the best chemical? just regular house wash, let sit for a few minutes then rinse? There is some very bad spots on this wall, with really dark spots and mold. (I got some pictures on my phone, just don’t know how to upload in here.)Ok… I know that I am asking a lot of questions but I am in deeply need of help and I will really appreciate all the help from you guys. Ok… Here it’s my final question, at least for now. How I go about in pricing a exterior of a building? there is a formula like SQFT X Hight??? . Alright people that’s it for now, Thanks in advance for all your help.

Mobile Power Wash Pricing Survey - Rates for Pressure Washing / Powerwash Blog for a general idea of pricing. You have alot to calculate with this job ( cost of chems, fuel, time,. A sump pump will not remove all the water but with the amount of money your getting for this job call Jerry and look into buying a vac reclaim unit for 1500-2000$ cuz your gonna need one for other jobs. Read up on other forums there is thousands of post on different chems for different materials. That job is gonna take a few days to do with your setup so getting help from another contractor may be an option for a reclaim unit.

Does he have to put it out to other to bid on? I would recommend that you partner with someone local that you trust who has the experience you need. There is lots of potential to lose money on this.