Question of the day!

Do you guys mark up the materials used on a commercial job? No im not talking about SH. I mean high ticket materials such as NMD80/EBC/OneRestore or things of that nature. If so what type of mark up do you run?

Generally speaking, if you markup parts or materials, you have to collect sales tax. Real pain in the butt if you’re not already setup to do that.

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I wouldn’t bother most people don’t care what or how of something your using or what it costs you. There only interest in what your job is going to cost them.
I had a buddy that used to present all his estimates showing material and labor cost . He quickly found out that he was just giving them more items no negotiate.
It started to many conversations about why so much chem and why so much labor.
What happens to the material you don’t use.
Even more problems when a 6 hour job was done in 3 .
One price is all that’s needed any more is not necessary