Question about replacement pump


So I need to replace a pump on one my pressure washers. Bad pump is a General EZ 4040. 4000psi @ 4gpm.

I found someone local that has a brand new General EZ2555 for $150. Its rated for less psi but higher gpm.

My engine is a Honda GX390.

Would this be a good replacement? I like the higher flow and can deal with the lower pressure as I am thinking this could be a good soft washing rig. It looks like an exact fit. But I don’t know really know.

I know someone knows the answer.
Thank you,


For $150 it’s a good price.

It will be ok for house washing.

It will bolt straight on.


It’s direct drive.

Flat work/surface cleaner - nope.

So it depends on what you want to do with it really :+1:t2:


In reply, direct drive is what I need. And am I correct that you’re saying it will not be good for flat work/ surface cleaner because of the low psi? Its a 5.5 gpm @ 2500psi.

The direct drive is the easiest and cheapest way to get going with what you have, correct.

The 2500psi is too low for flat work using a large surface cleaner, correct.