Question about my surface cleaner

I m just now getting into cleaning driveways etc. I have a 18" hammer head surface cleaner. I currently have a cold water washer, 4gpm 4000psi. The problem I am having is my surface cleaner is leaving swirl marks. I dont think we are moving too fast with it. Any advice on how to fix the problem?

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I dont have any photos to show, but my marks are not as bad as Michael Kreisle’s video. I was told that it could be my tips, or I may need to upgrade to a higher PGM washer. I am going to try EBC cleaner out to see if that helps with the process

use 15020 or 25020 tips, make sure the fan pattern is parallel to the spray bar. Move slowly and if concrete is any kind of dirty, use bleach or other chemicals to help do the cleaning. you might try the psi gauge and bucket test to check your psi and gpm are accurate. If the hammerhead swivels are worn they will stripe like crazy, it should spin freely and should have minimum play when pushed up and down.

Pre treat area with a house wash, and get at least 5.5 GPM.

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Where do you buy your tips?

From Bob at PT State,, some carpet cleaning suppliers have them if you need them locally. I would get a set of 15020, 25020,and 40020. with 4k psi, the 15’s can etch newer concrete, so be careful. I mainly use the 25’s in my hammerhead. 40’s are good for newer or regularly cleaned concrete.