Question about a bid

Hi Everyone,
I have a house that has come up that wants the roof washed, gutters whitened and windows washed. I need little help on bidding the roof. Here is a picture of the home, how much would you charge to do the roof. Any info would be much appreciated

Half roof or whole roof? Looks like only the North side needs cleaning…$350

Thanks for replying, at first he just wanted half but then told me to give him bid on both half and whole.

$350 for half $575 for full. At least that’s what I would charge, could be higher in your market. Different markets command different prices, it’s also about what “You” can sell.

In this market, he would pay $750.00 for what needs cleaned. Add half that again if he wanted a maintenance coat applied to the side that’s not dirty.

That assumes a proper job performed by a company with a twenty five year background in residential construction science carrying all kinds of insurance. Properly trained that participates in continuing education on an ongoing basis.

He could probably save some money short term if he could find somebody to use one of those machine things on it.

There are probably busier roof cleaners than I. YMMV, and all that.

How does everyone feel about cleaning certain parts of a roof… We get a lot of requests for that… But I never feel to good about it…

When it’s time for a new roof, expect to replace the entire roof.

When it’s time to maintain a roof, service that area which needs service.

Spot treating? No. We have a price for doing the entire side. Spot treating is the same price and when you call us back to re-coat everything on that side because the clean spots now look out of place, you pay that amount again. Less any repeat customer discount that may be available.

We would spot treat if asked, but folks usually decide that they really would prefer to have the entire side done.

The vast majority of our roof cleanings are one sided.

We’ve been known to just clean one wall of a house too.

I don’t offer any warranty for partial cleans. If part of the roof appears unaffected I factor that in my price for the whole roof.

If I am looking correctly, I am guessing it is about 4,000 sq ft total under roof? If so, I would be about $900 to clean it. We don’t do partial roofs. I have a house to do next week that is about that size without the 2nd story that we are doing the Housewash and roof cleaning for $1100.

well i just wanted to tell everyone thanks and that we got the job which consists of the roof, gutter whitening and windows.

No warranty on partial roof cleanings. That usually motivates them to have the entire roof cleaned.

Way to go!

Same here.