Quality of water.. when to walk!

I wanna talk about different qualities of water ! How do you all feel about it when a customer tells you they got sulfer water, or real hard water? Had a potential customer tell me today the rust stains under her spigot on the vinyl is from the water… I feel like that may not want to be water I run through my pump. Even sulfer water ! Seeing what that water did to the siding and the spigot and making those rust stains, only makes me assume that water could be bad for my pump. Most pumps have ceramic in them which I assume is to protect them from rusting and going to crap, but have any of you ever walked due to sulfer water or real hard water?

I have really bad well water and I wouldn’t run it through my pump. I have 2 spigots. One not filtered and one straight from the well of death.
Ask if they have a spigot with filtered water.

You’ll be fine

Although there is a difference on how well your soap and sh work I wouldn’t be worried about your pump.


I have a can filter before my buffer and then one on the inlet if my pump. But not any kind of filter that would take out sulfer or anything. That’s why I wonder if it’s bad.

I had a pipe coming directly from my well, before the filter, leak in my basement for days. This is a picture of the stain it left from my well water. This just happened last week. The concrete is supposed to be white.

I have a very sophisticated filtration system to make the water safe.

I had a job earlier this year where I was working and walked around the corner and was shocked to see my buffer tank was a copper color from the water. I was so ticked off. I had to finish the job though and after I drained the tank there is a permanent high water mark around the inside of the tank now. Grrrrr!

To your question though, we washed for 8 hours with two machines like that and no effects that noticed.

Sulfur and hard water shouldnt be an issue. Lots of areas have naturally hard tap water ( my area for example is somewhere between 300-600 ppms). Your pump will most likely go bad for other reasons before the hard water affects it. Dulfur is corrosive on metal but unless you’re running it through your pump every day for a while it shouldn’t really affect it. If hard water does become an issue, I assume you can descale a high pressure pump ( like they do to high pressure water heaters) but again by the time you have this issue you’ll probably need a new pump anyways.

LOL, I’d have to throw that buffer tank away. My ocd would drive me nuts seeing that stain mark in my buffer all the time.


I know, it’s driving me crazy. I’m going to overfill it this weekend and add a few gallons of bleach and see if that will remove it. Probably due for a cleaning anyway.

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Steve you got a horizontal leg ?

I have an IBC tote. I have direct drive machines and so I want the taller tank for gravity.

See if that works, you may end up having to make an oxalic mix in there and drive around with it some, let it sit and then drain and rinse.


I got a horizontal leg. I wanted an IBC cuz it holds a little more water than my 225 horizontal. But as a truck driver, my instincts told me to get the horizontal leg. It just pulls down the road better, and less surging back and forth. But best beleive my wallet took a hit the day I bought that tank. Bout 530 dollars poorer haha.

Kinda proud of myself tho. I’ve invested allot in my outfit since joining this forum. That’s why I have the profile pic of me with the cigarette and gc190. Just a reminder of where i came from. Lmfao

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Hes gonna use damn near a whole box of oxalic for that big of a tank @Racer lol

He can just mix up a batch and spray it, or find a real big deck job to do. He’s already been living with it 2 days more than I would have, lol.