PWRA weight lose challenge


  1. Before pictures on scale showing weight
  2. 2 months to lose as much weight as you can
  3. Prize is better health.

Who wants to join me?!

Great idea. Should have done this 2 months ago though. I’m in.

I cant see the scale :rolleyes:

It will start march 1st…

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

I’m in.

We can do it through here if y’all want.

Sounds good only if no one gasps when the see my weight in the scale. lol I need to do something.

I would recommend either Insanity (mostly jumps and quick foot motions) or P90x (incorporates and tones upper body). I’ve been doing insanity, not really as strict as the program says you should but a few times a week and I can feel and see a difference.

Did you ever lay down and watch TV and you look at your feet and they look smaller because you can barely see your toes now?
Then it suddenly occurs to you that your feet aren’t getting smaller but your stomach is getting bigger–DOH! Then it may be time to do something.
Now if you can’t see your feet while laying down watching TV it’s time to do something yesterday:o

I some how accidentally put on an extra 20 pounds this winter… It all started in NOLA…

All those yummie poboys hahah

Those super healthy vegetable breakfast smoothies we had every morning couldn’t compete with the poboys.